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Anne Klein Loafer

The anne klein iflex slip on loafer is the perfect 8. 5th in the size range. It's made of leather and has a hard-shell case. It's a work shoe and is good for walking or walking up to the dog. The shoes are perfect for any day. They're comfortable and will keep you warm in cold weather.

Anne Klein Loafers

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Anne Klein Black Loafers

The anne klein iflex smoking loafer flats is a great pair of shoes for any day of the day. With a comfortable feel and a stylish design, these shoes are perfect for any outfit. The shoes are in red leather and are associated with anne klein's iflex line of shoes. an anne klein brown leather slip on loafer womens sz 6 m is a great shoe for on-the-go. It is a good choice for women who are looking for a stylish and practical shoes. They are made from leather and are made to provide a comfortable experience when on the go. this anne klein loafer flat is a perfect way to team up with your style with a flat. If you're looking for a stylish and reliable pair of feet, then you need these. They're cute, flimsy, and all you need is a bit of cognac pebbled iflex in the right places. the anne klein loafer is a perfect shoe for those who want a stylish and functional shoe. It is made of black leather and has a sturdy structure. The shoe is size 9 and comes in sizes 9-10.